From Bad to Badder...

If at first you don't succeed, try cryogen part. 1

Listening to the radio while waiting out a snow storm in a gardening shack, Orr-Ken, Miskey, and Lieutenant X picked up a strange broadcast. The broadcast told of a small settlement being constructed in the mountains that needed able bodied workers to raise and settle it. Not having anywhere else to call home, the trio hopped into their pickups and headed North, after the storm lifted. Traveling for several hours, they reach a lonely diner at the foot of the mountains. The MEATIER CRATER, as it is named, turned out to be a valuable well spring of information for our heroes, as they jostled, threatened, and violated the sanctity of the proprietor, Klemens, mind. Having conducted their business in the diner they again set off, this time through a narrow pass in mountains hills. Coming across a cave, the three rushed headlong into a group of Badders who were using the icy stronghold as a base of sorts. After dealing with the miscreants, the party searched the cave coming across a hidden room filled with Ancient Junk, which they promptly looted and set aflame. Exiting the cave, the trio finds themselves at the entrance to some sort of compound, just as the sun rises…

Enemies Killed: 5 Badders

Cerebral Hemorrhage: 1
Concuss: 1
Disintegration: 1
Fear Induced Shock: 1
Incineration: 1

Total Exp: 575
Players: 3
XP per Player: 192



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