No...Why?Is YOUR refrigerator running?

If at first you don't succeed, try cryogen... part 3

After returning to Weatherton, Orr-ken and Miski soon discover that the cooling systems for the research equipment have been damaged. Luckily there is an old Liquid Nitrogen Factory just up the road. They head out immediately and soon come to a large geometric bush. Upon closer inspection the bush turned out to be the abandoned Nitrogen Plant. Orr-ken singed the vines blocking the entrance and the two entered the factory, only to be attacked by a Yexil. While attempting to negotiate with, bribe, entice, and confuse the Yexil, our heroes are beaten mercilessly to nearly the point of death. A few second winds, and exploding nitrogen tanks later, the battle is once again even across the board. As things begin to look up, Orr-ken is struck by a massive blow causing him to go down. With moments left, Miski psychically assaults the Yexil, causing it’s frozen body to shatter. After restarting the Machines, Miski and Or-kenn return to Weatherton with 107 cans of Liquid Nitrogen. 107…



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