No...Why?Is YOUR refrigerator running?
If at first you don't succeed, try cryogen... part 3

After returning to Weatherton, Orr-ken and Miski soon discover that the cooling systems for the research equipment have been damaged. Luckily there is an old Liquid Nitrogen Factory just up the road. They head out immediately and soon come to a large geometric bush. Upon closer inspection the bush turned out to be the abandoned Nitrogen Plant. Orr-ken singed the vines blocking the entrance and the two entered the factory, only to be attacked by a Yexil. While attempting to negotiate with, bribe, entice, and confuse the Yexil, our heroes are beaten mercilessly to nearly the point of death. A few second winds, and exploding nitrogen tanks later, the battle is once again even across the board. As things begin to look up, Orr-ken is struck by a massive blow causing him to go down. With moments left, Miski psychically assaults the Yexil, causing it’s frozen body to shatter. After restarting the Machines, Miski and Or-kenn return to Weatherton with 107 cans of Liquid Nitrogen. 107…

Creeper? I don't even KNOW her!!!
If at first you don't succeed, try cryogen part. 2

The party arrived at the complex just as the sun was rising. After examining the outside fence thoroughly, they approached the entrance where they were met by the Guard Captain, Randal. After introducing themselves, Randal escorted Miskey, and Orr-Ken to the main building of the complex. While Randal ran to get the leader elect of the complex, the party examined the large satellites mounted atop the building. They noticed that the satellites were not in a condition that would support proper function. Moments later, Curtis, the leader of the complex, appeared and questioned the party on their motives. After explaining that they had heard the recording, Curtis informed them that the recording was misleading and that they had hoped to draw the attention of physically able bodies to deal with a problem they were having. Curtis explained that Ghouls had been attacking the complex and stealing supplies, as well as damaging equipment. The party took a moment to think it over, but when Curtis offered free lodging and food, Miskey and Orr-ken were sold. They rested momentarily and headed toward a small meteor impact site that Curtis had claimed to be the stronghold for the Ghouls.

As they approached, our heroes took cover behind a large rock, in an attempt to sneak up on the Ghouls. Unfortunately, the ghouls guarding the crater noticed their every move and after Miskey’s failed assault on his mind, one of the Ghouls lobbed a grenade atop the rock they were hiding behind. however the grenade turned out to be a dud and Miskey sacrificed one of her humble legionnaire in an attempt to carry the grenade back to its original owner and impact it on the rocks below his feet. The plan worked, but only enough to throw everyone into combat. After finishing off the Ghouls, Orr-ken was examining a body when he discovered that the “Ghouls” were only Badders in disguise. Further inspection of the area revealed a trap door at the bottom of the crater. After several attempts to trick the enemy into opening the hatch for them, the heroes eventually resorted to a grenade they found among the dead Badders. But even that could not remove the door from it’s lodging. With one final kick Orr-ken sent the door dropping into the unknown…

And right in to a Badders face. While the disoriented creature attempted to stand, Orr-ken dropped through the hole, car jack drawn, and destroyed the Badders skull. Another Badder posed a threat for only a moment before surrendering to the menacing voice of Miskey in his head. But before our heroes could extract any info from the hostage, a third Badder rushed into the room and knocked some sense into him. With his new “ally” the hostage found a new courage and resumed the fight. The foes were quickly dispatched as Miskey and Orr-ken made their way further into the underground tunnels. Burn damage was evident in the main room, but a side door revealed a locker room where our heroes uncovered more Badder disguises. Using the contents of a locker filled with gangrenous meat, Miskey assumed an abominable form and continued down the hall way and right into a room where two Badders were relaxing. Thanks to her disguise and the Badders stupidity, Miskey sent the two of them into a frenzy of terror and she escaped as they hammered away at the lifeless pile of meat. Orr-ken then approached in the chaos and unleashed a bug bomb. The smoke and fumes only riled the Badders more and in a deranged attempt to save themselves, they tossed a grenade at the fiendishly flesh-like feast formation. Orr-ken responded with a fiery blast, only to ignite the vapors of the bug bomb, which promptly incinerated the Badders instantly. Continuing down the hall, the pair came across a large door and a small computer console. after pressing a few buttons randomly to no avail, Miskey typed the first thing that came into her head. 8675309. The doors opened to reveal a long hallway with a similar door on the opposite side, although the new door contained a glowing blue sphere in its center. Miskey sent another of her many legionaries into the hallway only to have nothing happen. Deciding this meant it was safe, the group entered the hallway only to be assaulted by beams of electrical fire. Orr-ken hurled a brick toward the sphere and smashed it open, causing a short power outage in the tunnel. Using this time to their advantage, they quickly approached the door and tried to open it. Miskey cleverly tried 9035768, but it did nothing. Realizing the fragility of such an technological door, Orr-ken suggested smashing the computer. Miskey unleashed a bullet from the chamber of her Luger, but only damaged the key pad. Orr-ken took a swing at it with his car jack and managed to cause the door to short circuit and fly open. Inside was a large console with many monitors, each displaying an image of a room in the facility. A locker also sat in the corner, with a service bot shaft opposite it. A search of the weapons closet landed a hand rocket to Miskey and a flame thrower to Orr-ken. Miskey called for a service bot while Orr-ken examined the console. While tactically deciding the best option for their current situation, Miskey pressed the big red button on the computer. The monitors all turned on and the lights on the console lit up. Noticing an additional Badder on the console image, the group decided to further explore the facility and came across an ajar door. Sending the service bot in first seemed to be a good idea as it was promptly smashed by a hefty looking Badder with a large steel pipe. Tossing another bug bomb gave Miskey the cover she needed to sneak past the Badder. While Orr-ken threw fireballs at the foe, Miskey swarmed the Badder and devoured him in a thousand tiny bites. Looking around the room revealed another service bot shaft and a large turret, the controls of which were unknown. Reveling in the mayhem they have just caused, the party contemplates their next move…

Enemies Defeated: Badders 9
Badder Slave Driver 1

Blunt Trauma: 1
Crushed Skull: 1
Devoured: 3
Forced Murder: 1
Incinerate: 3
Suicide Bomber: 1

Experience: 1150
Optional Objective: 350
Players: 2
XP per Player: 750

From Bad to Badder...
If at first you don't succeed, try cryogen part. 1

Listening to the radio while waiting out a snow storm in a gardening shack, Orr-Ken, Miskey, and Lieutenant X picked up a strange broadcast. The broadcast told of a small settlement being constructed in the mountains that needed able bodied workers to raise and settle it. Not having anywhere else to call home, the trio hopped into their pickups and headed North, after the storm lifted. Traveling for several hours, they reach a lonely diner at the foot of the mountains. The MEATIER CRATER, as it is named, turned out to be a valuable well spring of information for our heroes, as they jostled, threatened, and violated the sanctity of the proprietor, Klemens, mind. Having conducted their business in the diner they again set off, this time through a narrow pass in mountains hills. Coming across a cave, the three rushed headlong into a group of Badders who were using the icy stronghold as a base of sorts. After dealing with the miscreants, the party searched the cave coming across a hidden room filled with Ancient Junk, which they promptly looted and set aflame. Exiting the cave, the trio finds themselves at the entrance to some sort of compound, just as the sun rises…

Enemies Killed: 5 Badders

Cerebral Hemorrhage: 1
Concuss: 1
Disintegration: 1
Fear Induced Shock: 1
Incineration: 1

Total Exp: 575
Players: 3
XP per Player: 192


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