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The World as we know it…

After the Big Mistake in modern Earth date 2012, the weather patterns and reality lines begin to change drastically. While the entire world has been effected by these changes, our story takes place in The Territories… the remains of post-apocalyptic North America. Canada and the northern states have experienced a type of Ice-Age known as the Arctic Desert, that is slowly making it’s way south. At the same time, Mexico and the lower states are experiencing as massive drought which is causing rapid Desertification. The effected areas are known as the Equatorial Desert and it is rapidly spreading north. In between the two is the little changed, if not shrunken, Great Plains. Spanning the height of the western side of the continent are the Rocky Mountains, a hazardous menagerie of precipices, sharp terrain, and vicious creatures. Along the western coast, The San Andreas Void is causing abnormalities and supernatural effects on the environment and those that inhabit it.


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Campaign Setting Info

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